If you love doughnuts, then this is the place you need to visit. As this doughnut shop was declared to be the best in our state and it's only an hour from Rockford.

According to BuzzFeed's "The Best Doughnut Shop in Every State" they used the help of Yelp to uncover the best place for doughnuts in each of our 50 states and declared a small shop run by two sister's in Barrington, to be our state's best place.

The Heart of Europe Cafe on Cook St in Barrington is run by sister's, Kasia Mierzejewska and Emilia Augustyn, the Daily Herald tells us, who moved here from Poland a little over a year ago.

They're known for "selling their made-to-order signature Spring Donuts also called chimney cakes because of their tall cylindrical shape."

Basically it's "dough wrapped around a stick and baked. After it’s baked, the pastry chef spreads your choice of topping on the inside (like chocolate, caramel, brown sugar, or peanut butter)."

Those look sort of like a shorter version of churros, but sound like they'd be super yummy. I'm not a doughnut fan but I would try this.You know an hour isn't that far to go. Heck! I could go see my sister and we could go check this place out. Now that sounds like a plan.