Illinois is home to the third-largest antique mall in the United States.

Collecting Is Now A Big Thing

Okay, I realize people have been collecting items for years. It seems to me it used to be sort of a niche thing.

Nowadays, thrifting is more of an "in" hobby to do. Especially since it has been put on TV with shows like "American Pickers" and "Rock My Collection."

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Video: Rock My Collection Premieres August 15th

The cool thing about becoming a collector is anyone can do it. You do not have to spend a lot of money if you do not want to. Plus, there are great places to explore all over Illinois including several not far from Rockford.

Huge Antique Mall In Illinois

One of the more popular types of places to check out for thrifting is antique malls. They usually have many different kinds of collectibles and items all under one roof, so it is one-stop shopping.

If you are looking for a place to spend a whole day without having to bounce around, I have the place for you.

It is the Volo Antique Mall in Volo, Illinois.

According to Volo Antique Mall Facebook page...

"The Volo Antique Malls features 300 dealers 7 miles of isles—no admission fee to shop antiques & collectibles. Primitives to 90S! We have something for everyone!"

That is crazy. Seven miles of merchandise. You will get your steps in for sure.

For more info, HERE.

Check out the adventure of this explorer.

Video: 7 miles of aisles! 😍 AMERICA'S 3RD LARGEST ANTIQUE MALL! Shop with me // VLOG

Another Fun Fact About Volo Antique Mall

When you visit Volo Antique Mall, there is a bonus. Also, on the grounds is the Volo Auto Museum.

Video: Volo Auto Museum Georama Tour

That is a pretty cool place too. For more info, HERE.

Remember This Place Is Huge

Just a quick heads up, this antique mall is enormous and some people are not fans of that big of a location. It can be overwhelming.

From Tripadvisor,

Photo From Tripadvisor
Photo From Tripadvisor

Everyone has their own taste in where they like to go thrifting. If this type of place is not for you, check out some other locations in Illinois, HERE.

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