Seriously, Rockford has a ton of trashy things inside the city.

A recent story by RoadSnacks said we're the second trashiest city in all of Illinois, and you know what, we agree!


I mean, there's trash everywhere.



Like this blue garbage can. Yuck.

Blue garbage can

This white garbage can is disgustingly trashy. Where's the trash bag?

White garbage can

Will you look at that recycle bin! Disgusting!

Recycle bin with fence enclosure

How about this lonely and sad looking garbage can? We know what you're up to, Trashy.

Lonely garbage can with no friends

Yikes! This is some serious Rockford trash. Are those, uh, hard-boiled eggs?

Orange twist ties? What kind of black magic is this?

This garbage can doesn't think it's trashy, trying to looking tough with its lid pulled all the way down. We know the truth.

Trouble-making garbage can

This is the definition of Rockford trash. Rock River Disposal container just sitting there looking all trashy and what not.

Garbage bin pretending to keep to itself

Then there's this Rockford recycle bin thinking it's helping to save the environment.

Unassuming recycle bin

Look at this trash! No lid to be found, a folded pizza box, it's some of Rockford's trashiest trash.

Are you still reading?

This is a tidy looking trash bin but nonetheless still trash and well deserving of Rockford trash.

Did you read above? Hey thanks! We actually kind of love Rockford.

As you can see, there's tons of trash in Rockford, at least we manage to throw it out.

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