Last week I wrote a blog about the worst commercial in Rockford. Read here for a refresher. 

Well John caught wind of my blog and thought he'd drop by to rough me up a bit for my thoughts.  Just kidding. He dropped by with some food and wanted to talk to me about why he made the commercials.

First things first. The food was excellent and this was probably 30 minutes after it came out of the kitchen. The fried chicken was some of the best I've had. Lori down the hall at The Eagle is 7 months pregnant and hadn't touched chicken in months because it was making her sick. She had 3 pieces and wanted more. The burgers are actually as big as someone's head (not mine, see my picture above) and just as good.

John also explained to me what he was trying to do with the commercials and that they actually worked. His restaurant is busier than it's ever been before and he can trace it directly to these commercials he runs.  He completely understands that they might be annoying but they're endearing in their own special way. Don't get me wrong, he's nuts. But it's a good kind of nuts. The kind of nuts you want on your side.

Will I still reach for the remote to mute the commercial when it comes on? Not right away but I'm sure I will after a couple of weeks. Bottom line. John is a really good dude that makes great food and his customers LOVE him. That's good enough for me. Now excuse me, I have some chicken to eat. And.....


P.S. John even pointed out that I embedded his old commercial in my last post (classic Joe) so here's the most recent, possibly even more over the top spot that's currently running.