Last weekend Target disappointed a bunch of shoppers and with this 'apology,' it looks like those customers will all continue to be disappointed.

Oh, Target, this apology you issued is such a good and bad thing.

Everyone was excited about the line, mostly about the affordable boots, since the original Hunter line was so expensive and the Target version was supposed to be more affordable.

The day came, and there were no boots. Target claimed they were 'delayed.'

Then came this morning, when Target unleashed some rough news for those of us waiting for the 'delayed' boots to become available.

And just like that, no one is getting the boots.

You have to commend Target for owning up to what happened, and sharing this announcement so that we know what's going on.

Plus, for Target to come out and say this item he boots are kind of the most important part of the line.

As one Facebook user commented, it's just stuff, and she's right, but sometime we get excited about stuff and then it's a bummer when the stuff doesn't work out.

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