There is nothing quite like a classic soft-serve ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. And if you are looking for a special treat here in the Land of Lincoln, why not head to the Oldest Dairy Queen in Illinois, which has been serving customers from the same location for over 75 years.

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According to the website, the oldest Dair Queen in Illinois, and one of the oldest in the world, is the Station St. Dairy Queen location in Kankakee. According to the article the world's first Dairy Queen was opened in Illinois back in the year 1940 in Joliet, and the team of people who opened that first Dairy Queen was the same people who brought it to Kankakee in 1947.

In the article, they go on to say...

"The Station St. location in Kankakee is the oldest operating Dairy Queen in Illinois...A direct descendant of the original Joliet Dairy Queen, the Kankakee store was among the first handful of DQs in the world...The history of Dairy Queen is inextricably intertwined with that of Illinois."

To learn more about one of the original Dairy Queen locations and the oldest still standing here in Illinois click here!

I love learning things like this about the state of Illinois. I had no idea that Dairy Queen originally opened here in the Land of Lincoln back in the 1940s/ I love Dairy Queen, of all the major ice cream chains it is the best, there is nothing like a peanut buster parfait on a hot summer day. Who wants to road trip to Kankakee for some soft serve from an iconic DQ?

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