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Winnebago and Boone County Open Warming Centers
Brr....It's so colder than cold and not good for a person to be out long in the freezing temperatures. Winnebago and Boone County have both opened several warming centers for individuals to get out of these cold temperatures and warm up.

Winnebago and Boone Counties Offer Warming Centers
With temperatures in the single digits tonight and frigid conditions expected the rest of the week, Winnebago and Boone county officials have released a list of warming centers in the region.
Officials say centers are designed to provide safe and warm locations during extreme cold temperatures for th…
Boone and Winnebago Counties Offer Warming Centers
The cold temps this morning are just the beginning. This winter promises more days like this...and worse. For many people who don't have housing, or don't have the finances to adequately heat their home, a warm place to go when the weather is cold is an absolute must...