You Could Use Some Sleep
The word on the street is: you need some more sleep. Not just you, but your kids need more, too. And, if I you don't mind, I could use a nap as well.
From the Chicago Tribune:
A longtime alderman is calling for hearings on sleep deprivation in teenagers and the possibility of changing the start t…
Talking Sleep on TV
Every Wednesday morning, I get the chance to spend some TV time with our friends Matt and Kristin on Eyewitness News.
Yesterday, the topic of sleep was on the agenda.
We have a great time each Wednesday morning at around 6:15 and 7:45.
Go Away and Let Us Sleep!
As a parent myself (Spencer, age 20, Molly, age 16), I can relate with Pasco, Washington's Samantha Manville and her husband. They just wanted some sleep. And, according to a story on Good Morning America and Yahoo, they came up with an interesting way of getting it...