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Pace of Illinois Medical Marijuana Approvals Increases
CHICAGO (AP) — The pace of Illinois patients getting state approval to use medical marijuana has increased.
The Illinois Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that it has approved 4,000 patients to use medical marijuana in the state's pilot program...
Rauner, Lawmakers Negotiating Medical Marijuana Changes
John Gregory -- Illinois Radio Network
Gov. Bruce Rauner and one of his biggest Democratic critics have agreed to negotiate an extension of the medical marijuana program.
Rauner had rejected State Rep. Lou Lang's (D-Skokie) bill to set the expiration date of the program as four years from when th…
Illinois Marijuana Industry Pins Hopes on Governor
CHICAGO (AP) — A proposal to extend the Illinois medical marijuana pilot program beyond 2017 may soon gain passage in Springfield. That would mean the industry's prospects could come to rest with Gov. Bruce Rauner.
Rauner has said the program should not be extended until it has been fully …
Medical Marijuana Grower Wants Court to Lift Hold
CHICAGO (AP) — A medical marijuana company plans to ask a Cook County judge to dissolve a court order that is delaying its operation in Kankakee.
Cresco Labs will get a hearing Wednesday afternoon in Chicago on its motion.
Judge Kathleen Kennedy granted the temporary restraining order two weeks …

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