What Weird Things Are Illinoisans Searching For On Google?
A while back in this space, I posted a piece entitled "What are Illinoisans Asking Google About?" In a nutshell, it was a look at what each state, starting with our own, was asking Google about more than any other state. Some of the entries were a bit on the odd side, so today, let…
Are You Ready For Tug Fest? [VIDEO]
OK, that question might sound a little dirtier than it should. But if you've never heard of Tug Fest (and I hadn't until a few weeks ago) here's a place to find out more.
In short, it's a giant tug-of-war contest stretched across the Mississippi River...
Incredible Flood Photos Out Of Davenport [PHOTOS]
You might not have heard a lot about it, but the city of Davenport, Iowa, currently is dealing with a with a Top 10 flood crest of the Mississippi. You can view an entire album of pictures on the city's Facebook page.
I found these photos simply incredible...

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