How an Elephant Says “Go Away!”
From an old joke book I found in my desk drawer:
Q: How do you stop a charging elephant?
A: Take away his credit cards
I'll pause whilst you compose yourself. Did I mention that the joke is from the "elephant jokes" section of the book...
Watch a Herd of Elephants Come to the Rescue
Maybe our focus on "hero dog" stories is too narrow. It would appear we need to expand our focus to include "hero elephants," especially after seeing the video below.
To set the scene, at Kruger National Park in South Africa, a baby elephant, walking down a ro…
Baby Elephant Has Tub Trouble
According to popular rumor, the man above, William Howard Taft, our 27th president, was so fat he got stuck multiple times in a White House bathtub. The story goes on to say that he had to be "unstuck" by several of his aides. That story remains unconfirmed...