Handwritten Gettysburg Address on Display in Springfield
It's arguably the most famous speech in American history, and from November 13th through November 26th, you can check out one of 5 surviving copies of the Gettysburg Address (handwritten by Abraham Lincoln) at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield.
First Trip To Toad Hall
If you're a long-time Rockford or Rockford-area resident, you're probably familiar with Toad Hall. Shortly after starting here at WROK (back in the day when we still played music, and some of it from vinyl), my old friend, and long-time on-air personality Chuck Doyle took me over to Toad H…
There’s a World Record for Almost Everything
Guinness World Records is celebrating their 60th anniversary (which is probably a record for record books), and the on-going celebration is shining the spotlight on some of their more unusual records and record holders.
To give you some examples, there are world records for:

Wealthiest cat
Most milksha…
One More Jump
He did it the first time on June 6, 1944. Now, Jock Hutton, an 89 year old World War II veteran has done it again. Jock commemorated the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion by tandem parachuting into the French village of Ranville.
Take a look at his story:
Remembering V-E Day
World War Two in Europe ended 69 years ago today. Looking at our studio TV monitor this morning, I commented to Scot how much I would love to have a time machine. I would love to see and experience first-hand the jubilation that took place in New York's Times Square after President Harry Truman's an…
’67 Belvidere Tornado Anniversary [VIDEO]
On April 21, 1967 a powerful F4 tornado ripped through Belvidere, injuring hundreds and killing twenty four people, mostly school children. It occurred at about 3:50pm, as school was letting out. Belvidere High School was demolished by the twister that continued into McHenry County before breaking u…

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