Sweets N' Eats is a new place in town that just opened in January. Located at the corner of State and Perryville in the same building as the Panda Express and Charley's near Sam's Club in Rockford.

NOTE: We're fully aware that we are putting out a Taco Tuesday review on a Wednesday. The person responsible (Priscilla) has been talk to. 

My friend Double T from 96.7 The Eagle was the inspiration for this week's choice. He knows Priscilla and I are always looking for a new taco place to try and told me about Sweets N' Eats. He and his daughter went there to try out some ice cream and noticed that they were also selling some tacos and other Mexican fares at the counter.

It looks legit.

-Double T

That was enough for me. We were off to Sweet N' Eats.

First of all, if I was assigning percentages to the name of Sweet N' Eats to reflect their menu, it would be about 80% Sweets N' 20% Eats. Sugar is definitely the focus of this place, and they're killing it. 


They serve Chocolate Shoppe ice cream that's made in Madison and then shipped out to over 400 small, independent stores nationwide. If you haven't tried Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, you are missing out. Priscilla grabbed a cone on her way out. It was well received.

OMG! When I walked in this place I felt like I was 7 again. The treats, candy and ice cream selection was incredible. I was hesitant to approach the counter in fear an Oompa Loompa might pop out and grab me on the way.

I was awe-struck with their selection of novelty candies and went with that. I was not disappointed.

We, however, are here to talk tacos, not sweets.

The menu is short but has some unique items. You can check it out online on their website.

IMG_3564 (1)

The orders were as follows:

  • Joe - 1 steak taco, 1 barbacoa taco, 1 fried quesadilla, 1 elote
  • Priscilla - 1 steak taco, 1 fried quesadilla Order #2 1 Steak sope & ice cream

The ratings. All ratings are out of 10.

Chips and Salsa: N/A (substituting Sweets rating)

  • Joe - 9.5 - So chips and salsa were not an (at least advertised) option. We will instead rate the sweets portion of our trip. Not a place for dieters or diabetics. I'm already planning my next trip for more candy and probably some ice cream.
  • Priscilla - 9.5 No chips, but we did get salsa with our tacos. I thought it was delicious. Actually, one of the best to date. Both red and green tasted fresh and had plenty of flavor. As far as treats go, a scoop of ice cream was great to top off to lunch. I think I might head back and try some more candy or maybe grab a slice of Cheesecake Factory brand cake.


  • Joe - 7 - A fine tortilla. Came doubled up. They were thick enough that one was probably all that was necessary.
  • Priscilla -7 Urg! Doubled up tortilla. However it was soft and while not probably not homemade, tasted fine.


  • Joe - 7.5 - Steak was great. Barbacoa was very flavorful
  • Priscilla -7-I thought the fillings were tasty, but what made them better was the salsa. Also, while the chorizo fried quesadilla was good, I would prefer chorizo with a little more kick to it. However, since I didn't have any Tums in my purse, this was just right but a tad on the greasy side. I know, I know it is fried.


  • Joe - 8-  Round #1, which included the tacos, elote, fried quesadilla, and Jarrito was just under $16
  • Priscilla - 8 -  I thought it was a pretty good value. I was expecting our initial order to be more.


  • Joe - 8 - The elotes were outstanding. Sweet and plenty of seasoning. The fried quesadilla was pretty much, as far as I know, and empanada. A little smaller than I thought it would be but very good. You really should try the ice cream.
  • Priscilla - 8.5 - The Mexican food was good. In fact, there were a couple of items on the menu, including fresh fruit, that I'd like to try. Go for the atmosphere and dessert. Heck, start with dessert! I do sometimes! Walking in this place will put a smile on your face, as long as Oompa Loompas don't jump out.
Sweets and Eats store

Official WROK Taco Score:

  • Joe - 40/50
  • Priscilla - 40/50

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