I've seen some strange food combos in my day, but this one is up there for strangest.

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I love it when we get local restaurant menus in the mail and I still have a collection of them in my kitchen. I prefer to use those over online when the family orders carryout. Plus most of the time they come with some sort of deal or coupon and who doesn't love a good deal!

A family favorite Hachi Sushi recently sent a menu to my house and as my kids and I were looking it over we noticed a strange new item now available.

Sushi Burritos!!!!

We've seen them on one of the many food/travel shows we watch but never expected to find them here in our hometown.

There are 4 different ones available too. There's the Vegetable, Tuna, Salmon, and Steak. Looking at the ingredients, the Steak is probably closest to a burrito you're used to getting.

To say I'm curious is an understatement. Maybe the next time we order from them I'll get one to try instead of what I normally do. What say you? Will you try a Sushi Burrito?

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