In perhaps the most anticipated ruling since the original decision on the President's Affordable Care Act law, the Supreme Court has upheld a key provision of the legislation, affirming that 6.4 million people can continue to receive subsidies that assist them in purchasing healthcare plans.

The 6-3 decision was authored by Chief Justice John Roberts. Justice Scalia wrote the dissent and was joined by Justices Alito and Thomas.

The challengers argued that the Affordable Care Act only allowed subsidies to be used in marketplaces “established by the state” – which they said excluded those on the federal marketplace...The Obama administration argued that the conservatives were taking the four-word clause out of context and that those involved in drafting the law had intended the subsidies to be available in all states.

The ruling represents a big win for the President, but some also say it helped to avoid a big headache for Republicans in 2016:

And here's a quick look at a portion of the dissent:


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