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Sitting outside at Erin’s and watched them go over. Had to be over 50 of them. Creepy yet fascinating. - Debby Sarver
We just saw them too! - Erin Brookes
Coolest thing I have ever seen! - Jason Brauer
Hope they bring some intelligence !!! - Harold Hitchcock 
I was out of town this weekend, and missed a spectacular light show over Rockford, I wonder what was really going on? Was this some sort of military exercise, was this something from another galaxy here to greet us with peace and cookies??
Thank you so much to Carl Heintz for the photo's, this really looked like something spectacular Saturday night. With no "official" explanation the general consensus seems to be Star Link Satellite. "They are up there to provide broadband internet access to the globe." - Justin Tyler
Now that seems pretty legit, seems like a reasonable and believable explanation. But not the one I choose to believe. It's a Saturday night in Rockford people, where's your creativity? There's a long tail of lights in the sky with no explanation...Maybe , just maybe...the downtown protesters decided to get away from sitting on their butts all day and took the the sky to go back to the planets they came from.
Maybe, just maybe...This is part of the search for a new Chief of Police in Rockford...Let's go outside the box, and outside of this planet to find Chief O'Shea's replacement.
This website HERE tries to explain what people were seeing in the sky's over Rockford. SpaceX, satellites, blah, was UFOs. Done.

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