In the next few months a monumental ruling from the Illinois Supreme Court is expected, in which judges will determine if the state's pension reform law is Constitutional. This comes after a lower court ruled that the law should be struck down.

One of the architects of Senate Bill 1, as it's called, is State Rep. Elaine Nekritz. She joined the show this week to explain the the crux of the case and why it is central to efforts to strengthen Illinois’ fiscal future. Nekritz told us the bill makes reasonable changes to retiree benefits in order to protect them for the long term. She says SB1 also restores a much-needed funding balance for the state budget for now and many years to come.

However, the argument that prevailed in the Sangamon County Circuit Court is that SB 1 violates the Constitution’s Pension Clause mandate that pension benefits not be diminished or impaired.

Here's our full interview with State Rep. Elaine Nekritz:

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