I fully realize that it's blasphemous to defend St. Louis, especially when you live north of I-80, but here we go. 

The above photo was shared on twitter the other day and the internet IMMEDIATELY started making fun of St. Louis.

Now normally, I am the first in line to make fun of St. Louis. It's just so easy. But the Gateway To The West might be on to something here.

If you can't tell by the photos, they appear to have their bagels sliced like a loaf of bread. I contest that the only reason people are poking fun at this is that they didn't think of it earlier.

Let's do a pros and cons list:


  • Easier to share
  • No more tearing part of a bagel off when you only want a little
  • More surface area = more cream cheese
  • Bagels that are only seasoned "on top" e.g. asiago, everything, now have better flavor dispersed through the entire bagel. No more flavorful tops and bland bottoms.


  • It looks kinda weird?

That's all I got.

Now I will admit that some of the responses on Twitter are pretty hilarious.

There are about 1000 more examples. Just search St. Louis Style on Twitter and be entertained for about an hour or more.

Ok. I'm done defending St. Louis. I feel a little dirty.

P.S. Hey St. Louis, your city smells like pee and is filled with goobers in jean shorts and Molina jerseys.


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