For most of us, there are certain words that are hard to pronounce, and there are certain words that are hard to spell, but the two groups of words generally don't overlap each other.

For an example, here are a few words that Illinoisans and the rest of the country have problems pronouncing, not spelling, according to

  • affidavit
  • almond
  • cache
  • caramel
  • coupon
  • epitome
  • espresso
  • façade
  • niche
  • salmon
  • sherbet
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Wait...what's a noozle? (Getty Images)
Lousy smorkers, ruining everything. (Getty Images)

Data-Crunchers, Wanting To Know Which Words Are Being Misspelled Most, Determined The Hardest-To-Spell Words By Seeing What Words We're Googling Most To Learn How To Spell (I think that makes sense)

The group at, a site that identifies all the words you can make with a certain group of letters, researched Google search volumes from the past year and found that one certain word, for a very common thing, gets around 95,000 spelling-related searches every single month.

Here's the word:

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This sign, meaning the exact same thing, is so much easier to spell. And remember, you can't spell restaurant without these three letters:

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Think of all the money you've saved on neon tubing! (Getty Images)

No Other Words Come Close To The Amount Of Monthly Searches "How To Spell Restaurant" Gets, But We Still Have Trouble With These Particular Words

I think many of us get bogged down with some of these words because of the somewhat tricky vowel combinations, but for whatever reason, we have difficulties with:

      • Pneumonia (13,000 searches per month)
      • Appreciate (11,000)
      • Receipt (9,700)
      • Beautiful (9,400)
      • Niece (9,200)
      • Maintenance (8,500)
      • Diarrhea (8,200)
      • Congratulations (7,100)

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