First some apologies to a few co-workers.

Apparently this has been covered twice already by people I work with in the past few years.

Back in 2017, my friend Shannon Zimmerman down at Q98.5 wrote about it. And then in 2018, Sweet Lenny from 97ZOK did a video on the peculiar pie.

I work here and this slipped by my radar so maybe it did yours as well.

So let's talk about it. Apparently this is a thing in Dixon. A quick googlin' shows that at least two pizzerias in Dixon will sell you a spaghetti pizza. Angelo's III, which Shannon mentions in her earlier post, and Al & Leda's where Lenny went.

I'm a bit perplexed by the pizza itself. I'm by no means a pizza purist. You want to put something on a pizza? Go for it! My issue is with the spaghetti. It just sounds messy.

Now we do have our own version of a pasta pie here in Rockford. Francesco's serves a pasta pizza. That is made with penne pasta that is much easier to eat, in my uninformed opinion. I've had the pasta pizza at Francesco's. Not my favorite thing on the menu by far, but I get the appeal. Is the spaghetti pizza the same thing?

Have you had it? Is it as hard to eat as it seems? Is it worth the drive to Dixon or is this some sort of Dixon-based tourist trap? Please let us know.

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