Space Jam 2 was released last weekend to less than stellar reviews and that might be giving it a bit too much credit. To be fair to the movie it wasn't made to eventually win an Oscar and it was made for kids. Just like the first Space Jam. That movie is remembered far more favorably than it deserved. Then I saw this tweet yesterday and knew I had to check it out.

A horrible movie that's fun to go to. That's what I call the perfect drive-in movie. You go with some friends, eat too much food in the car and talk about the movie the whole time because you can since you're not in a traditional movie theater to bother other people. It honestly sounds like a blast.

You can catch Space Jam 2 at three different drive-ins about an hour from Rockford.

Still want to go to the drive-in but Space Jam isn't your jam? You're covered there as well with some good options.

Here's what's playing at the stateline drive-ins this weekend:

SkyVu Drive-In - Monroe, WI

The SkyVu will be sticking with Black Widow, the latest entry to the Marvel Universe:

And will be sticking with the strong female lead/Disney movie, Cruella:

Midway Drive-In - Sterling, IL

You'll have to wait for the second half of the double feature in Sterling to watch Black Widow. They will be pairing the animated movie Raya and the Last Dragon with the Scarlett Johansson blockbuster.

McHenry Drive-In - McHenry, IL

Our first of three drive-ins to feature the LeBron James vehicle Space Jam 2.

A movie so bad it might actually be good. They will be following it up with another movie that might be fun to mock with your friends. Baby Boss 2. I have no idea how a second one was actually made.

Rt. 34 Drive-In - Mendota, IL

In Mendota they will pair Space Jam 2 with Kong Vs. Godzilla. I can confirm that this is not a very good movie but would be a ton of fun to Mystery Science Theater 3000 with your friends. I highly recommend this duo.

Highway 18 Drive-In - Jefferson, WI

This is another great option. Come for Space Jam 2 and stay for the truffle shuffle. That's right. The 80s classic, and movie that is way scarier than its PG rating, Goonies will be the second half of the double feature in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

Remember to watch your movies respectfully and responsibly. It looks like there will be some new movies on next week's slate so make sure to check back for next week's lineup.

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