Say goodbye to the rumble of the Harley Davidson motorcycle engines. Sauk Prairie Harley-Davidson has announced it is permanently closing up it's doors.

Sauk Prairie Harley announced it's Facebook page on Tuesday that after 37 years of success, the business will merge with their Madison location. The company announced Tuesday on Facebook that they will permanently close their doors in Sauk Prairie on September 30 at 8 p,m.

The statement reads:

We would like to inform you, our greatest friends and family, that after 37 years of successful operations in the Sauk Prairie area, we have decided to close the Sauk City location.


We will create a Harley-Davidson Dealership that everyone will be proud to call home.


There will be some growing pains as we move through this transition, but rest assured we are doing our best to make this as smooth as possible for you.


From now until September 30, 2016 we will be transitioning our workforce to Harley-Davidson of Madison, 6200 Millpond Road, Madison, WI.

At this time there is no word on whether another dealership would open up in the Sauk Valley location. Sauk Valley Harley has been in business since 1979.

WKOW-TV reports that Sauk Valley HD owner Virgil Schulenburg purchased the Madison dealership last year and that the Sauk Prairie business will close on September 30 at 8 p.m. Many employees will transition to the Madison location.