Just when you thought our fair city had enough weirdness for days, something like this happens.

This picture taken today just outside of the IHOP at 6960 Argus Road, shows a car covered in pancakes.

Something Went Down At The Rockford IHOP And We Can't Figure It Out
Mister Jiggy

When I explained the photo to Midday Michelle, she thought I was talking about a special IHOP car littered with pancake sticker details. Not sure if that's a real thing but IHOP, get on it.

Someone plastering pancakes all over a car's windshield is all sorts of awesome. Unless you plan to drive with said pancakes all over your windshield. That's not awesome, but actually kind of dangerous.

Anyway, as I spent far more time than I needed to staring at the picture in question, my brain started to formulate theories to explain the reason for the pancakes on the windshield.

  • A disgruntled employee quit, then proceeded to throw pancakes on the manager's car before they left.
  • A disgruntled waitstaff member threw pancakes on a customers car because they had to keep going back to get new ones because those weren't "cooked right."
  • A couple broke up at IHOP and the breaker upper got their car dowsed in pancakes because of it.
  • Somebody ran out of bologna and decided to use pancakes to cover someone's window.
  • It's a prank.

I sure hope it's not the last one, the prank. Fingers crossed it's the break-up couple. There may be no better revenge than tossing a bunch of pancakes on the windshield of your exes windshield.

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