I'm lucky enough to come from a long line of long-married people.

My grandparents, Elmer and Jenny, were happily married for 61 years. My parents, Evelyn and Jake, hit 65 years of togetherness. Unfortunately, I never thought to point a camera at them and ask them to explain their successful unions. I wish I had.

With Valentines Day coming up on Saturday, I thought you might enjoy some seasoned-citizens giving you their advice and their take on attraction, dating, love, marriage, and yes, even sex.

As always, be careful, or you might just learn something.

For those familiar with "When Harry Met Sally," you might remember these folks. When you'll ride nine extra floors on an elevator just to be near someone a bit longer, well, today it's called "stalking." Years ago, it was called romantic.

Amy and I have been together for 25 years, married for almost 24. I know that we're no where near the longevity of the couples above, but we're definitely going for it.

Check back with me in forty years for our video.

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