Should Rockford take a lesson from Iceland and install these crosswalks to slow down traffic?

DailyMail - Iceland has become the latest county to introduce 3D zebra crossings in a bid to make drivers slow down. The idea is that the crossing makes drivers think there is something in the road. This makes them slow down, reducing the risk of serious accidents in pedestrianized areas.

I think these things are awesome. I'm not sure if drivers in town are worse than other areas of the country but I know I've seen more than my fair share of bad drivers.

The only downside to these I can see is that they might be TOO effective. Possibly leading to people stopping outright at these intersections and causing a backup in traffic. That's not a bad trade-off though. I'll take a little congestion to save some lives.

Where should we start with these? Downtown? Parking lots? School zones? They all sound like good ideas to me.

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