I'll cut right to the chase -- no, there is apparently no reason to be concerned about "The Game of 72". There, aren't you relieved.

But what is "The Game of 72"? According to KTAR.com, here's the story behind it:

The game...originated in France when a 13-year-old girl named Emma disappeared for three days. When she was found, she wouldn't tell authories where she went, but only said she had played the Game of 72....[It] starts when someone receives a private message on social media asking them to play the game, NECN reported. The person who receives the message then has to completely disappear — both online and offline — for, in most cases, three straight days.

Sounds awful, doesn't it? However, the Washington Post

Stories on the phenomenon have appeared everywhere from Yahoo and the Huffington Post to Canada’s CBC; police departments from Massachusetts to Calgary have issued warnings about it. But as Sophie Kleeman reported at Mic Thursday, there’s no actual evidence that anybody’s ever played this game besides one 13-year-old girl in France. So yeah, this teen trend is stupid, but — it’s also not a trend yet.

Of course, as we've discussed on the show many times, teens do stupid things. Like the cinnamon challenge, which involved a dare to swallow scoops of cinnamon. That left some teens sick, poisoned, and even with collapsed lungs, according to The New York Times.