Is 'returns everything' on your life resume? You could be in for some trouble.

My biggest nightmare is becoming a reality, retail stores are beginning to ban people from returning previously purchased items.

All my life, my mom has been warning me that someday I will be banned from returning things, because I am a Queen returner.

I just really like to shop and then I remember I can't afford to keep things, or that I'm not a supermodel and probably shouldn't have ordered that really long jumpsuit.

But my life may have to change soon based on one company that is tracking consumer returns, 'The Retail Equation.'

I saw a story on Good Morning America this morning and had to do more research about what's happening with The Retail Equation.

That company tracks returns at major retailers and basically keeps all of your returning information, and at some point can ban you from returning at certain retailers. Apparently without any warning.

I mean, I would understand if there was a system and I was only able to return a certain amount of times per year, but out of the blue banning returns for a year? That sounds like the worst thing ever.

The stores who reportedly use this system include Best Buy, JCPenney and Victoria's Secret, among others.

NBC News reports there is something more than just return count behind the banning, it's based on quantity of returns, return behavior (what time of day, how expensive the item is) and this is all supposed to prevent theft.

It's also going to prevent me from ordering so much online!

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