Suzanne McComas is a nationally Known Crime and Investigative Expert.
She also founded the ZZ Agency (private investigation company), ZZ's Babies (a not-for-profit created to address the growing epidemic of familicides and domestic violence in this country) and has authored of several books, including; “The Rough Path: A Workbook For Change” & “You’re On Your Own, Cupcake!”

Television shows that focus on crime scene investigators have become so popular lately that they've made a lot of money for several major networks. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Law & Order, & Criminal Minds are just a few. In many cases though, the TV shows are nothing like the reality that actual crime scene investigators face.
Suzanne explained to the Saturday Morning Stateline listeners;

"The biggest myth these TV shows exploit is that these crimes can be solved in the course of a day. Getting results from labs can take 3 days to 3 weeks...or more!"

One of the few investigators in the country that will work a case where someone dies in police custody, Suzanne has also worked nationwide for America's Most Wanted (from 2000-2002) as their Cold Case Homicide Investigator.

Suzanne receives dozens of requests every year from inmates wanting her to help them prove their innocence. While she knows most of them belong in prison, she has taken cases when she believes the evidence is in their favor. Her latest effort is in trying to get justice for Brian, a man she believes to be truly innocent and should never have gone to trial, let alone prison.

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