Animal control officers continue their search today for a missing African wildcat that has been spotted roaming residential areas.

What Is A Serval?

According to WAND, the animal known as a serval has been reportedly seen running around the north east side of Decatur.

"We are working with an exotic animal rescue to capture it," Macon County Animal Control told the TV station. "We do consider the serval to be dangerous and ask the public not to interact with it if it is found."

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, serval are medium-sized cats with black-spotted coats. They are often recognizable due to their long necks and legs that allow them to see over tall grass in the wild.

Unsplash photo
Unsplash photo

The foundation says the cats can live up to 23 years and weigh as much as 40 pounds when fully grown.

Cat Was Kept In An Apartment

WAND is reporting the cat escaped from an apartment after a guest left the door open. Christopher Solomon has come forward claiming the serval is his pet.

"I woke up at about one o'clock in the morning shivering cold because the door was open and was trying to figure out what was going on with my cat," he told WAND.

Macon County Animal Control posted on social media that they have no reason to believe the animal would attack people.

"However, as with any wild animal, it could be dangerous in the right circumstances," the department said in the post. "Therefore, we are asking the public not to interact with it if it is found."

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