YouTube - Pete T
YouTube - Pete T

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Antoinette Tortorello-Allaway, a teacher at Geneva High School. She has a LOT to say and a LOT of opinions, yikes.

Antoinette took to Tik Tok to curse up a storm about people not wearing masks to a high school choir concert. She even attacks an elderly couple, "am I gonna have to f'n throw down with this b****?" Whoa!

The language BY THIS HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER is not safe for work. Warning NSFW people. "F around and find out, I will throw down with you." This woman helps to educate and inspire kids, really nice. Now she's ready to beat up a non-mask wearing elderly woman.

It turns out that this princess resigned as a teacher at Geneva High School after showing her true colors in a Tik Tok video. Let's discuss that for a minute, Tik Tok. This grown, adult woman vented her frustration on a social media platform where kids do dance moves and climb milk crates. Anyway...

There was a petition started to get Antoinette to be fired, but she resigned instead...Probably to be a social media "influencer" and make more Tik Tok videos, and threated elderly people. The amount of cursing and tough talk in this video would make Andrew "Dice" Clay, blush.

O.K., please watch until the end when things get ever stickier...But enjoy the foul language, the old person threatening, and some amazing a high school teacher. "F around and find out grandma..."


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