For most parents in the Stateline, a new quarter has just begun at your child's school; which means you should've seen their most recent report card some time last week. How was it? Hopefully, your child is doing as well as you had hoped and there weren't any surprises. But in the off chance there was and you're afraid your child's feelings might get hurt over getting a C or D in math, a school in Long Island, New York thinks they have the perfect solution for you - a "fake" report card.  Take a look at the underlined sentence in the letter below.

I can't speak for anyone else, but when it comes to my kid's grades, I want him to know exactly what he got so he either knows his hard work is paying off or there are areas he needs to improve. Parents can't help their children achieve success by coddling them; there's just no accountability anymore.

If you had the option of giving your child a fake report card to spare their feelings, would you?