We may never know why exactly but we do know that Rockford's own Shawn Ryan's new show Timeless will get a second season. 

Deadline - Here is what happened as described by (Bob) Greenblatt (NBC Exec) "We woke up the next morning, heard the outcry. We went back to the drawing board, with our partners at Sony, and we found a way to bring it back. It's extraordinarily well produced and deserved to come back."

So the story goes that Timeless was originally axed by NBC for low ratings and wasn't going to be renewed for a second season. The outcry from Timeless fans was loud enough that NBC execs actually listened and reversed their decision and now Timeless WILL be coming back for a second season.

I want to believe that was what happened and I think I actually do believe that's how it went down. However, we must be vigilant in this world and one needs to recognize that Timeless just got some big advertisements for zero dollars. If I were drawing up a guerrilla marketing scheme this would be EXACTLY how I would do it. I mean you even have the troupe of the Timeless characters went back in time to change it. It's almost too perfect.

No matter what the truth is you should watch Timeless. Shawn Ryan hasn't made anything yet that wasn't spectacular. The Shield was excellent and the last season was basically a masterpiece. His show Mad Dogs on Amazon Prime was a thrilling ride and unlike anything you've seen. And my personal favorite of his is the criminally underrated Terriers.  Here's the trailer.

That show was chock full of "that guy from that thing" types of actors and Donal Logue who hasn't had one bad role his entire life. The whole thing is on Netflix, you can knock it out in two days.

Moral of the story here I guess is, if you complain about something long enough you might get your way.

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