Apparently, I'm not the only one who almost lost his life by traveling over Rockford's worst pothole of December 2018. Did you run into it last week?

If you travel on Mulford Rd, you know the pothole I'm talking about. The pothole was present for travelers going north on Mulford, North of E. State before Giordano's.  The huge pothole was in the left lane. The pothole was a huge dip that comes at you with no advance warning of any kind. Many cars were hitting it and many reported damage to their vehicles as a result of it.

Back in 2016 Rockford leaders appealed to the public to approve a 1% sales tax, added to all purchases, generate more than $60 million over five years for road and infrastructure improvements. This makes us wonder if the 1% voter-approved sales tax devoted to the roads is actually making it's way to keeping up the roads.

The good news is that as of late Sunday evening, the road was repaired.




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