Don't freak too hard, it's not closing down for good, but a few months without these burgers sure feels like forever.

If you haven't looked at the forecast for this week yet, I apologize for informing you that we are expecting some flakes on Thursday.

It's still too early to tell if these flakes will be wispy or massive, but snow is a-coming and for our friend James at 15th & Chris, that means no more burgers until spring.

I'll give you a minute to grieve.

What might be considered Rockford's hottest burger joint posted on Facebook over the weekend that because of the snow in the forecast, this Wednesday will be the last day you can grab your favorite 15th & Chris combo until next year.

While you decide if you're going to get lunch there today, tomorrow, Wednesday or all three... here's a look at what we'll all be missing for the rest of the year.

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