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Can you cook? Can you manage people? Can you run a food truck with the coolest name ever?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present an opportunity that will make you wanna dance, shake your butt, and cook up some delicious food.

Rockford's "Disco Chicken" food truck is looking for a chef and for someone to manage the Disco Chicken food truck. Here's the word from the Disco peeps...

"Looking for a chef to run our food truck and manage small staff of cooks. We have more opportunities then we can handle now. Cook outside at festivals, street parties, weddings and more.
If you are driven, creative and looking to make an impact in our growing company, this is a great opportunity."
I would imagine that this would make your summer 2021 pretty awesome. The amount of events, weddings, birthdays, and just random stops around the Rockford area will keep you pretty busy and out there...How completely opposite of last summer is this?
This full time position will earn you between $40,000-$50,000.
If you are interested to being the head disco "Clucker" CLICK HERE
Disco Chicken will hit a few local locations this week of you want to check them out:
  • Wednesday - Rockford Ortho Riverside 11am - 2pm
  • Friday - Crimson Ridge 11am - 2pm

Even if you aren't interested in the gig, at least try the food at these locations. Grab yourself a DcV1, or The Wizard, or how about a Hog Party or the Percolator? These are all delicious sandwich offerings from Disco Chicken.

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