We get it, the Cubs lost game 1 of the World Series. Some are just taking the loss a little worse than others.

Tonja Claire shared this video of her young son, Evan, on Facebook last night after the Cubs were shutout by the Indians 6-0.

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Evan believed that the Cubs were done, and the Indians were now Major League Baseball champions.

That's why the young boy was crying. Combined with how late these games go, I figure he must've been tired too. I'm not a kid and the late games combined with the shutout loss would bring me to tears if I didn't know they had at least three more games.

Thankfully, Evan's parents helped explain to him that there is still a ton of baseball yet to play. Win or lose, he'll be able to get a good night's rest in tonight. Cubs-Indians first pitch is 6:08 p.m.