The Northwoods League received some massive reaction from a statement they put out on Twitter and other social media outlets.

The Bismarck Larks are one of 22 teams in the Northwoods League. A collegiate summer baseball league. Everyone that plays must have NCAA eligibility remaining to participate. It is the league that includes the Rockford Rivets.

In response to Rob Manfred, the MLB commissioner, cancelling the first two series of the baseball season, the Larks released this statement.

I'll transcribe below for those that don't want to click through.

The Bismark Larks, a summer collegiate baseball team in the Northwoods League, is banning MLB commissioner Rob Manfred from games until the lockout is resolved.

The Bismark Larks believe in using FUN to make a difference in the community. We have sell-out games, fireworks (sic) nights and som many FUN theme nights in which baseball is just the driving factor. We give back to the community in forms of money, books, food drives and countless other ways.

Since the MLB lockout began on December 2, 2021, it has been clear that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred hates baseball and hate (sic) FUN. This goes against our core values as a summer collegiate baseball team.

We stand with all MLB players, including the NWL alumni: Max Scherzer, Ben Zobrist, Brandon Crawford, Chris Sale, Pete Alonso, Jordan Zimmerman, and Curtis Granderson among others.

We officially announce that we are banning Manfred from Larks games until the lockout is resolved. The home opener for the Bismark Larks takes place on June 1, 2022 against the Rochester Honkers. Let's hit dingers, bat flip, and jog around the bases all summer long.


Well done Bismark Larks. Was Rob Manfred ever going to step foot into your place? No, the man obviously hates baseball, why would he do that. But it doesn't matter now. He can't dump you because you already dumped him.

I just wrote about this the other day, and still believe that the best way for fans to show their frustration with the MLB is to funnel all their money and attention towards their local minor league teams.

Every ticket bought to go watch the Rivets is a metaphorical middle finger right back to Manfred and MLB.


Another Northwoods League member has issued sanctions against Rob Manfred, and this time more severe.

The Kalamazoo Growlers have issued a LIFETIME ban to Rob Manfred. The death sentence!

Rockford's own Rivets have yet to respond. We will update if necessary.

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