Octane (or is it Octane RKFD? I don't really know. I'll be using Octane for the rest of this post) has a few new options on their menu. In addition to their (new to me) ramen bar, they added some family-style options. Included was the above-pictured Chicken Adobo Fried Rice. Their description is as follows:

Filipino style chicken adobo, jasmine rice, local fried eggs, scallions.

I have a friend that is first-generation Filipino and chicken adobo is his mother's, and MANY other Filipino mother's) signature comfort food. You'd have tables of it at family gatherings.

I haven't been able to really find decent chicken adobo until trying Octane's offering. While not as good as Mrs. Guillet's, it's a fine substitute until I get to the next Filipino family gathering.

The tray of chicken and rice is only 40 dollars and can easily feed 4 hungry people.

Check out their take out menu here and don't forget dessert. The Nutella & Peanut Butter Baos are a great way to finish a meal.

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