How hot is too hot?

This is definitely too hot for me, but if you can handle Taco Betty's new spicy burrito challenge, go for it!

Last last week, Taco Betty's announced a brand new food challenge in Rockford, the 'XL BURRITO PLATE CHALLENGE.'


Two burrito shells, two battered and deep fried chicken tenders, extra hot chili sauce, garlic aioli and green cabbage.

You have to eat the entire plate in 25 minutes, and if you, your picture will go on Taco Betty's wall and you won't be charged for your food.

I think Sweet Lenny should attempt this challenge, but we are a little confused... is the picture accurate?

That burrito doesn't look too large to finish in 25 minutes, unless the photo is of just one of the burrito shells and when you arrive for the challenge it will be double the size.

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