Something "questionable" was going on at the Walgreen's parking lot at the corner of Charles and 20th Street in Rockford yesterday per 90sRnBMakesMeHappy on Reddit.

The post reported an emaciated woman exiting a vehicle and going from car to car begging for money. She would then return to her own car "to give her money up."

The driver appeared to be male, couldn't see what ethnicity he was. But the girl looks like she had weeks to live. Her knees just stuck out and was obviously on some type of drug. I believe the car was like sage, blue-green color. Looked like a early 2000's American made car."

Unfortunately, the Reddit user didn't take get license plate information, and according to the comments say they "plan on calling" Rockford Police.

Have you seen anything suspicious at this specific Walgreens parking lot in Rockford?

If you have or ever do happen upon a similar to the situation as described, don't hesitate. Call Rockford Police immediately at (815) 966-2900.

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