One Rockford Police officer's act of generosity has sparked a partnership to collect shoes for Rockford kids in need. 

It's no secret that Rockford Police officers see a lot of "ugly" on the streets every day. They also see a lot of sad things too, like kids suffering circumstances that are out of their control.

Recently Rockford Police's Assistant Deputy Chief Mike Dalke noticed a kid wearing filthy socks and damaged shoes, so he decided to do something about it, (and totally gave me goosebumps when I saw this on Facebook).


Chief Dalke's selfless act has now inspired a partnership between the Rockford Police Department and Rock House Kids to collect gently used and new shoes for Rockford's youth. While out doing back-to-school shopping for your own kids this year, please consider picking up an extra pair of shoes for a kid in need and keep Chief Dalke's mission moving forward. Here's how you can help out...


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