Mama Mia's in Rockford had an unusual request but was determined to make the customer happy. 

Outstanding effort shown by Mama Mia's here. I'm always impressed by anyone that can do creative things with dough. I love to cook and consider myself above average in the kitchen but I absolutely loathe doing anything with dough. I can never get it right. Either it won't stretch at all and am left with just a thick flat disk that I can't shape at all or it just sticks to everything and tears whenever I try to move it.

Another thing to note here is I hope the recipient is alright with olives. That's a pretty aggressive topping to put on a pizza if you're not sure what people like. I personally hate olives and don't trust those who do. Those are just my feelings. I also have similar feelings about pickles if you want to get into it.

I'm getting off track here.

Back to Mama Mia's. Great job guys. I wonder if any other types of restaurants could pull this off? Chinese food? Maybe put a candle in an egg roll. Mexican? A cake made of fried chimichangas? I'd eat it. BBQ joint? I'd devour a cake made of cornbread.

Basically what I'm getting at folks is that it's getting to be lunch time and I'm hungry. Wonder if there's any leftover pizza cake.

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