We all post pictures on Instagram, but it's not often Instagram shares the photos you posted.

That's what happened to a former Rockford resident and Rockford Register Star photographer, Sunny Strader, when Instagram shared a picture she took of some boys playing basketball.

There isn't much context regarding the photo, other than an explanation from Strader, who says:

"I am so happy the people at @instagram took interest in my Rockford work. in light of the recent presidential election, it's evident that Midwest needs media coverage now more than ever. Illinois will always be my home, and I will be back for you. | Rockford, Ill."

The picture of the little kids shooting hoops in Rockford has garnered over 800,000 likes and over 4,000 comments in four days.

Instagram, talking about Strader says, "In Rockford, she explored communities ranging from those born and raised in housing projects to newly arrived Syrian refugees."