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The space for Rockford smokers will decrease beginning June 1st. 

State law already restricts smoking withing 50 feet of a public building. Now if you smoke anywhere on a Rockford Park District property you can be fined.  A first time offender can be fined $125. It goes up to $250 and $500 for your second and third offenses.

Golf courses have been exempted from this law. Board commissioner Scott Olson states that it's because it's part of golf's "culture." I'm not so sure about that. It's probably more because it kind of makes sense to not smoke at a playground but a golf course should be filled with adults.

If you really feel the need to smoke at a public park you have a couple of months to do so. It takes 90 days for an ordinance to go into effect, so all parks will be going smoke-free beginning June 1st.

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