It's the annual holiday tradition you love to hate, Elf on the Shelf; and according to most of your Facebook news feeds, Twinkle Toes, Elfie and Buddy are back to bring your child a month of Christmas joy and you a big; giant headache.

Sure, it was fun at first. Thoughts of the look on your son or daughter's face the moment they took their elf out of the box is one you'll never forget; it lit up as they picked a name and they beamed with joy every morning they got up to look for it.

It's memories like that got you through the first two years with your Elf on the Shelf, but now the thought of doing it again brings nothing but anxiety and hair pulling. You're busy, your brain is fried and often times you forget that you have to move that dang thing and try to make it all fun and cute, but you're straight up out of ideas.

You've exhausted all of your Pinterest ideas and now you're scrambling for what to do next. Well, stop, because these Rockford parents are Elf on the Shelf experts and they've share some of their best ideas that they've used in the past.

Feel free to peruse and use one of these many Elf on the Shelf ideas that should get you through at least two weeks of moving that little squirt around.

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