Only 3 times has Rockford's fireworks not been scheduled for the fourth of July, this year might make 4. Chairman of Rockford's 4th of July committee, Joe Marino said "We have decisions to make, we have money to raise, and we want to bring to Rockford again, the largest fireworks show in the state of Illinois."

The reasoning behind moving it is simple. The fourth falls on a Tuesday this year. Moving it to the first, a Saturday, will theoretically allow more people to enjoy the festivities thereby making more money for Rockford.

I think it's a great idea. All major holidays should be moved to the closest Saturday in my opinion (this includes the Superbowl.) The days off of work are nice but ultimately you have to make up the work sometime.

Marino says that the committee will be heavily weighing public feedback when making this decision. If you have any thoughts on this you can visit their website here or comment on their Facebook page here.

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