Randy Daniels of Rockford has spent about 5 years and countless hours creating an hour long Christmas light show for his home to help raise money for local non-profit groups, and someone recently stole the money from his donation box. 

You'll have to excuse me for a moment while I go off on a rant here.

Why is it that every time someone tries to do something nice for others, another person has to go and ruin it?!? Whether it's literally stealing someone's Christmas spirit or something as simple as writing mean spirited comments to ruin someone's joy on social media, why does this constantly happen in this day and age? I am SO TIRED of the negativity that seems to surround us everywhere. I get times are tough for a lot of people, heck they're tough for me too, but stealing charity money is a LOW BLOW and I am disgusted. These people need to find Jesus, or at least get a big bite in the butt from Karma.

Ok, I'm done ranting, but I am still mad. Lol!

The Daniels home is located on the Southwest side of Rockford on Tipmore Road. I say we all make a point to stop by, take in the awesome lights, and stuff that donation box over the next few days. Taking Christmas light rides with my little family is one of my favorite holiday traditions, so I know we will be making a trip to Tipmore Road very soon!