These ladies are doing a great job making downtown Rockford look great. 

I came across these ladies while walking downtown at the intersection of State and Main. They were planting annuals in the concrete planter boxes that occupy the four corners of the intersection.

I was mostly curious as to what group was donating time to get this done so I stopped and asked.

The woman I spoke with (sorry, I did not get her name) said they were members of the Rockford Women's Gardening Club. They have 3 planting events every year at the intersection. They first do an early spring cleanup, today was annual planting, and then they plant mums and bulbs in the fall.

I had fully intended on linking to their information so people could look into joining if they wanted to but they don't seem to have any internet presence, which is actually kind of impressive in this day and age. If anyone has more information please let us know.

Thanks ladies! The intersection looks great!

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