Yes, we are all familiar with a common cold, right? But can I plead a little ignorance when it comes to the real definition?

Seriously, hear me out. With the coronavirus in our world and likely never leaving, I'd like to no longer wonder if I have a cold or COVID-19.

Last year I didn't have a cold at all but I do believe allergies played a part in my life, as usual. I think I lucked out on not getting hit with "the common cold" because of the frequent and consistent hand washing and wearing a mask in public. While the mask was a nuisance at times it kept germs from attacking me.

All of this, mixed with learning to not touch my face (eyes, nose, mouth), really made 2020 a healthy year for me personally.

The Common Cold Facts

Dr. William Renk, a pediatric specialist at SwedishAmerican Hospital, consistently shared (f)actual medical information regarding COVID-19 during the pandemic and recently shared a brief but informative note on Facebook about the common cold.

It's great for two reasons, to explain the signs and what to expect, and the timeframe for which the cold should be out of your system. He called it his "Pediatric Pearl of the Day."

Colds can last 10-14 days. Natural history of a cold is to have clear drainage, turns colors, gets clear again then goes away. If a cold last longer than 2 weeks, showing no signs of going away, antibiotics may be needed.

Hopefully, this helps you when the time comes when you wonder if you should make a trip to the doctor when you're feeling under the weather.

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