You start to read this and might think it could be real but then realize the author is either lying or dumb. Do you agree or could it lead to love?

The man starts to write about a car that he encounters in traffic. They make eye contact until the car gets behind him and follows him closely while traffic zooms by in the other lane. After a few minutes he describes about he changed lanes and the car once falling him speeds away and out of his life. Why wouldn't he think the female driver has interest in him?

It seems like a good possibility until he describes the vehicle that this Missed Connection is about.

Possiby Fake Rockford Craigslist Missed Connection

I'm beginning to wonder how many of these Missed Connections are real and how many are made up. I mean, the woman turns about to be a police officer yet he questions why she was following him? Isn't it obvious?

This is either fake or the guy isn't very smart. My gut tells me it's fake and a joke. If it isn't I wish him well and would love to try to connect him with this possible soul mate.


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